About Our VIP Tips

  • We offer an average ticket of 4+ Odds Daily
  • We issue just 1 ticket to our VIP members daily
  • Our average winning rate is 5 days out of the 7 days. It is possible to win all 7 days more so when the major leagues are in session. On bad days, we can also win as less as only 3 days per week but nothing less.
  • We aim at making a profit at the end of each week without any failure.
  • We 100% guarantee you a profit every week.
  • We shall issue our monthly VIP members a Username and password to use on Lunar.to website. Our weekly users on the other hand will receive predictions and tips via Telegram or Whatsapp or email
  • We also offer a 3 day weekend rollover plan from Friday till Sunday.

                                        Weekend 3 Day Roll Over

Over the weekends, we normally provide a roll over service in which you can start with $10 on Friday and end up with $640 come Sunday. Here is an illustration of how the 3 day weekend roll over works out.

  • Friday: $10×4=$40
  • Saturday: $40×4=$160
  • Sunday:$160×4=$640

As illustrated above, it is very easy simple to rise from just $10 to over $600 in just 3 days using our sure and guaranteed 3 day weekend Roll Over services. Our experienced tipsters will always provide you with sure games that will never let you down at all as you go through this roll over service.  Just chat @Valelunar via telegram or join our whatsapp group partake in the roll over right now.

How to Join Our VIP

  • Chat the admin via Telegram or Whatsapp in order know how to get the appropriate account payment details as per your country of origin.
  • Pay money to the account provided to you.
  • You will be added to the private VIP section. Join us today and make money with our team.

To contact and speak with the admin via whatsapp, simply click the banner provided below. You make sure you understand provided above before engaging us on whatsapp or Telegram. This is basically for easing and providing a smooth experience for the huge volumes of people who want to join our VIP team